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등 (브라라인) 클리닉 소개
Brassiere Line
    Subcutaneous fat on back and bra line projects impression of adiposity and have a negative effect on style of dressing. This also will expedite skin sagging with ageing.

    According to over 10 years of cryolipolysis experences in JD clinic, over 90% of patients, liposuction is not needed in bra line fat removal. The satisfaction rate of cryolipolysis is very high. There is better fat reduction effect than liposuction and almost no side effects (actually no side effects until now)
Recommended procedures
  • Cryolipolysis

  • LL (Lipolysis) solution injection

  • Fat Destruction techniques
Treatment options
1Frozen fat reduction techniques (Cryolipolysis)
•Procedure Features
1) Do not affect daily routines
2) Multiple sites treatment at one session
3) No anesthesia is needed
4) Minimal pain and swelling
5) In case of bra lines, after 1~2 sessions, patient generally perceive the effect

•Operation process
1) Gel pads are attached to the treatment areas without anesthesia
2) Cryolipolysis device applicators are attached on the gel pads
3) The procedure takes 60~65 minutes, with no massage

•Cryolipolysis principles
1) Cold-induced inflammatory cell death (-9~-10 degrees Celsius, Apoptosis)
2) Causes death of subcutaneous fat cell without apparent damage to the overlying skin and surrounding structures
3) Destroyed fat cells are removed by macrophages

1)The procedure takes 60~65 minutes which leads to 20-30% permanent reduction of the fat cells on treated areas
2)The procedure of whole body (arm, abdomen, back, flank, thigh, calf etc.) is possible at one session (we have 16 machines and 32 pads at one session is possible)
3)The procedure on the pretreated area is possible after 1 month and untreated area can be treated at any time
4)Generally, After only one treatment at the arm and bra line of average build woman, she can feel the effect. But multiple(3~5 sessions) treatments are needed on fat rich area

•Possible side effects and progress
1) Transient redness after the procedure (3~15 days)
- due to sucking negative pressure similar to cupping
2) Bruise (15 days)
In case of arms, bruise always occurs
3) Increase of sensation
- itching, pain
- resolve spontaneously (within generally 3 weeks, up to 2 months)
4) Decrease of sensation
- Numbness: most common side effects
- resolve spontaneously (within generally 3 weeks, up to 2 months)
5) Frostbite
- the most serious side effect
- but our clinic can prevent this side effect
* Reasons of frostbite occurrence
① Mechanical factors : frequnt and periodic monitoring are needed
– Device malfunctioning
(temperature sensor error etc.)
② Gel pad factors
- Combinations of gel does not act properly as antifreeze
- The gel cannot be absorbed into the skin properly
③Patient constitution factor (pretty rare)
6) Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia
- 0.0051% or about 1 in 20,000 treated patients
- can appear 8 to 24 weeks post-procedure
7) Morphea(scleroderma) – 1 case globally
8) Hyperpigmentation
- if occurs,it resolves spontaneously within generally 4 weeks, up to 6 months
9) Pain immediately after the procedure
- generally lasts 30minutes
10) Pain at the treatment area 1~7 days after the procedure
- delayed posttreatment pain, neuropathic pain, 0.015%~15%
- mainly abdomen
- the pain usually lasts 2 to 7 days.
- can take acetaminophen(not NSIADs)
11) Transient nausea, dizziness after the procedure

•Features, advantages, and benefits of JD clinic`s cryolipolysis
1)No worry of skin frostbite
We use self developed safe gel pad.
This safe gel pad have a utility model patent
2)Knowhow and skills of more than 10 years and over 10,000 cases
3)Long procedure time (65minutes, in case of arms and flank 60minutes)
4)Procedures of many parts of body at one time (we have 16 machines, 32 pads).
2~3 persons can be received at the same time
5)Daily routine inspection of the machine by Dr. Park
6)Routine check up of operating state by staff during each procedure
7)You can take a shower after the procedure
8)The cryolipolysis machine that we use is ‘CLATUU360’ made in Korea

* Does Cryolipolysis really work?
-Cryolipolysis can reduce the subcutaneous fat without apparent damage to the skin and surrounding structures
-But various degree of frostbite may occur, and this may affect the decision on whether to receive the cryolipoplysis
-The tendency to reduce the procedure time because of the concern about the frostbite
-The reduction of procedure time reduced the frostbite but at the same time, caused the decrease of the effect or even no effect.
-This result leads to distrust to patients on cryolipolysis (ex.) it has no effect)

•The contions that need consultation before procedure
-Raynaud's phenomenon
-Cold urticaria
-Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

•Time of procedure
60~65 minutes

•Interval of procedure
-Same area: 1~2month
-Other areas: any time

•Number of procedure
Depends on patient’s expectations

•Progress after procedure
10~30% reduction of fat thickness after 3~6 months

•Cautions after procedure
-Avoid warming (warm bath, sauna etc.) at the treatment area during at least 7 days, if possible during 1 month
-Avoid NSAIDs (for example, ibuprofen) during at least 7 days, if possible during 1 month. If needed, acetamiphen(for example, Tyrenol) is alright
-Daily routine warm shower, exercise is alright

2 Liposuction
※ JD clinic don’t do liposuction at present

Advantages of liposuction
1) Large amounts of fat can be reomoved at one time
2) Liposuction and fat injection could be done at the same time

Disadvantages of liposuction
1)Various complication may be possible
① irregularities and depressions of the skin
② hematoma. Seroma
③ infection
④ panniculitis
⑤ Incision scars
⑥ hyperpigmentation of incision sites
⑦ skin necrosis
⑧ death
⑨ etc.
2) Long time to recover from surgery (long downtime)
3) Rrelatively high cost
3Fat Destruction techniques
◈ Features
•Using fine cannula, we induce permanent fat cell death like the result of liposuction. There in no suction process
•Generally, we do this technique on the double chin fat, lateral cheek fat, nasolabial fat, inferior jowl fat, below ear fat. And we also on the arm, ankle and thigh immediately after the cryolipolysis for faster effect and more effect.
•We developed the procedure for better effect and less side effects than various liposuction techniques (actually no side effects until now)
•Local injection anesthesia is applied, so no worry about the side effects due to the sleep anesthesia.
•No incision scars or uneven result on the treatment area
•Daily routine activities are possible after the procedures though bruise and swelling on the treatment areas

◈ Areas and time of the procedures
• Nasolabial fat : 20 minutes
• Lateral cheek fat : 40 minutes
• Inferior jowl fat : 60 minutes
• Double chin fat: 60 minutes
• Below ear fat: 60 minutes
• Arm, thigh, ankle fat : 60 minutes
• Cryolipolysis + LL (Lipolysis) injection+ fat destruction techniques (areas needed) : 120 minutes

◈ Pain during and after the procedures
•Almost no pain during the procedures but some pain after the procedures, but generally the pain after the procedures is controlled by icing

◈ Interval of the procedures
•Same areas : 4-8 weeks
(or after 6 month, because the final result appears after 6 months)
•Other areas : Any time

◈ Number of procedures
•Depends on patient`s expectations
•Generally 1~2 procedures

◈ Precautions
•Inform us that whether you have received filler injections.
•The solutions for fat destruction techniques contains hyaluronidase for reduction of swelling. Hyaluronidase dissolves the injected hyaluronic acid fillers. In that case, we make solutions without the hyaluronidase

◈Process of procedures
•1 step
Design of treatment areas
•2 step
local lidocaine injection and puncture with needle for cannula insertion.
•3 step
Insertion of solution using cannula for local anesthesia and promotion of fat cell death.
•4 step
Fat destruction using back and forth movements of cannula. There is no suction and no suture

◈Cautions after procedures
•After the procedure, we will put on the water proof band aid on the site of puncture. Keep the band aid for 24 hours. Be careful lest the water comes into the puncture site. Fixed with band aid, It`s alright to take a shower or wash your face after the procedure
•Avoid warming on the treatment area for about 1 month. We recommend also warm bath or sauna. Warming on the treatment areas may reduce the final effect or delay the time of effect

◈Progress after the procedure
•Nausea, dizziness immediately after the procedure
These occurs due to psychological factor or the ingredients of injected solutions. If it occurs, it gradually disappears through 1 hours

•Swelling on the treatment areas
Usually swelling persists about 3~7days. Application of ice pack fasten the reduction of swelling. We recommend cooling treatment areas as long as you can for 3 days

Bruise generally disappears through 15 days gradually. Cooling treatment areas is helpful. Bruise go down below the treatment areas due to gravity.

•Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation(PIH) on the puncture site:
It`s a very small pigmentation on the puncture site and disappears spontaneously and completely

•Hard nodules on the treatment areas
Infrequently, palpable hard nodules occur on the treatment areas and may persist over 1 month. This occurs due to inflammatory reaction and disappears spontaneously. Though NSIADs may fasten the resolution of hard nodules, we recommend not to take NSAIDs because that may reduce the final effect.

•Long lasting mild pain
Mild pain may persists over 1 month. Generally no medication is needed. But if you want, we recommend acetaminophen(not NSIADs)

◈Effect after procedure
Generally, after 1 month, you and others perceive the effect. The volume of treatment areas gradually will be shrunk until 6 months. But keep in mind that there is a difference person by person, site by site

4LL (Lipolysis) solution injection
◈ Features, Principles
•LL solution is a drug mixtures with 10 years of Dr. Park`s research and experience
•We do not recommend LL solution monotherapy generally, because there is low possibility of ‘permanent’ effect when LL solution alone is injected.
•But combination with cryolipolysis, LL (Lipolysis) solution injection shows synergistic effect.
•The principles of LL solution are osmosis and cell membrane potential difference
•LL solution injection immediately after cryolipolysis fasten the time of effect and induce more lipolytic effect
•500ml of solution injected at one time (maximum volume per day)

◈ Areas and time of the procedures
•Only 1~2 site injection is possible (for example, upper+lower abdomen, lower abdomen+both lateral thigh, both lateral arm+both flank etc.)
•Time: 10 minutes using infusion pump

◈ Interval of the procedures
•Recommend combination treatment with cryolipolysis

◈ Pain during and after the procedures
•There is almost no pain when injected immediately after cryolipolysis

◈ Number of procedures
•Recommend combination treatment with cryolipolysis

◈Side effects
•For maximum effect, we mix maximum amounts of medications in 500ml solution. Most people show no side effects. But few patients show nausea or dizziness after injection and that symptoms subside with time spontaneously

◈Progress after the procedure
•The swelling due to injection gradually disappears through 6 hours
•Because 500ml solution injection cause swelling on the injection sites, we recommend you wear comfortable, roomy clothes.

5Other techniques
There are so many methods that reduce fat thickness. For example, various radiofreqency, ultrasound, lasers, low level laser, carboxy therapy and chemicals are used for fat thickness reduction.

But keep in mind that there are few methods that ‘permanently’ destroy fat cells. Most of them lack of definite evidences that cause permanent fat cell death and generally cause fat cell size reduction temporally. CT, MRI, Ultrasound imaging cannot be the evidence of fat cell death.

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