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People gain weight for different reasons.

Some due to body types, and others because of the environmental reasons.
However, it is hard to ascertain how and how much these two factors interact.
In order to provide the effect of treatment, it is necessary to ascertain the exact reasons for weight gain.Gaining weight can be attributed to the lifestyle, it can also be considered as a behavioral problem. The behavioral cause is affected by choices people make and by all kinds of stimuli. It can be affected by psychological reasons as well.
The psychological reasons can be clarified and modified, and the attempt to solve adiposity can be resolved through counselling.

While the medical treatments can reduce body weight temporarily, often this won’t last long, and many return to their initial weight.
Also, the possibility of side effects may gradually arise due to the extended period of drug taking
1The societal pressure to be slim
1. Influence of mass media.

2. Prejudice against obesity.
- idleness and other psychological problems.

3. A survey on people who were obese in the past revealed that they rather have other types of handicap than being fat.
2The negative societal views towards obesity.
1. Relevant societal prejudice.
- 16% of employers would not to hire obese candidates at all while 44% of employers would do it only under an extremely special circumstance.

2. The tendency for the lower level of employment, salary and social-economic standing.

3. Incidences on educational and medical disparity.

4. Ridicule and criticism from colleagues, friends, employers and parents.
3The correlation between obesity and mental problem
1. Among 50% of patients who were treated for obesity experienced melancholia at least once and 55% suffered from personality disorder.

2. The evidences of antisocial and avoidant tendency, self-hate, over-eating and low self-esteem.

3. Higher possibility of mental trauma
4The successful result of obesity treatment.
1. The experience of positive changes in emotion.

2. An improvement in social interaction.

3. Satisfactory in sex life.

4. Improvement in self-image.

5. Reduction in gluttony.

6. Yo-Yo effect will not deteriorate the social function and spirit of the patient.

7. Gluttony have relations to Yo-Yo effect
5Yo-Yo effect and social psychology
1. Most patients regain their weight within 5 years.

2. However, they do not suffer from melancholia or bad impression on body.

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