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Sensitive Skin
The sensitive skin is caused by the irritants and allergy causing elements presented in the environment or the reaction to the changes in the extra-body environment of skin resulting in irritation and inflammation. This is a reference to skin reaction, not skin types or dieses.

1) Check for possible condition in body and skin.
2) Check cosmetics and skin care products for reason for irritation.
3) When buy cosmetics, choose the product with the limited number of chemical combination, no preservatives, strong scent or irritants.

4) In case the cause cannot be determined:
- Stop using cosmetics for minimum eight weeks
- The less irritant carrying items like eye-shadows, powder and lip are allowed.
- Water only and no soap use during face washing.
- If necessary, use moisture holding products such as glycerin.
- Alleviating skin sting and urtication by supplying moisture.

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