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허벅지 & 무릎 클리닉 소개
Thigh & Knee
The thigh areas are where the most of the Korean women prefer treatments to be applied.

Thighs are where most influenced by hormones that exercise alone would not have impact on sliming.

From an aesthetic perspective, the ideal proportion of thigh and legs is when the combined length of thigh and calf is longer than 50% of the length of the body.

The treatments on thigh areas include procedures on the front, side, outer and around knees.

Subcutaneous fat near knees (mainly the inner side) has a negative influence on the shape of the legs’ lining that is most visible when standing.
Why subcutaneous fat in thigh and knee line should be eliminated?
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Limiting and preventing impression of ageing.
    The preferred areas for the treatments are the inner, outer, front sides of thighs.

  • Prevent looking overweight

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