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Fat removal
Fat removal is the first and primary step for face lifting. Fat removal or volume reduction itself where are needed induce noticeable lifting effect. Theoretically, both volume reduction and volume supplementation are needed for better lifting effect. Of the two, volume reduction is done first.

Fat destruction technique for volume reduction done in JD clinic induce permanent effect. The sites of procedure are lateral cheek fat, nasolabial fat, inferior jowl fat, double chin fat, fat below ear. Contrary to the worreis that get droopy after fat destruction technique, lifting effect occurs after fat removal. Fat removal on the same area may be needed more than 2 times for high satisfaction.

Some people need only volume reduction, but the others may need volume supplementation using filler or fat also for higher satisfaction rate. But keep in mind that enouth volume reduction is most important
1Treatment areas & Procedure time
• Nasolabial fat : 20 minutes
• Lateral cheek fat : 40 minutes
• Inferior jowl fat : 60 minutes
• Double chin fat: 60 minutes
• Below ear fat: 60 minutes
• Arm, thigh, ankle fat : 60 minutes
• Cryolipolysis + LL (Lipolysis) solution injection+ fat destruction techniques (areas needed) : 120 minutes
2The Advantages of JD Clinic’s treatments
•Using fine cannula, we induce permanent fat cell death like the result of liposuction. There in no suction process
•Generally, we do this technique on the double chin fat, lateral cheek fat, nasolabial fat, inferior jowl fat, below ear fat. And we also on the arm, ankle and thigh immediately after the cryolipolysis for faster effect and more effect.
•We developed the procedure for better effect and less side effects than various liposuction techniques (actually no side effects until now)
•Local injection anesthesia is applied, so no worry about the side effects due to the sleep anesthesia.
•No incision scars or uneven result on the treatment area
•Daily routine activities are possible after the procedures though bruise and swelling on the treatment areas
3Progress after the procedure
•Nausea, dizziness immediately after the procedure
These occurs due to psychological factor or the ingredients of injected solutions. If it occurs, it gradually disappears through 1 hours

•Swelling on the treatment areas
Usually swelling persists about 3~7days. Application of ice pack fasten the reduction of swelling. We recommend cooling treatment areas as long as you can for 3 days

Bruise generally disappears through 15 days gradually. Cooling treatment areas is helpful. Bruise go down below the treatment areas due to gravity.

•Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation(PIH) on the puncture site
It`s a very small pigmentation on the puncture site and disappears spontaneously and completely

•Hard nodules on the treatment areas
Infrequently, palpable hard nodules occur on the treatment areas and may persist over 1 month. This occurs due to inflammatory reaction and disappears spontaneously. Though NSIADs may fasten the resolution of hard nodules, we recommend not to take NSAIDs because that may reduce the final effect.

•Long lasting mild pain
Mild pain may persists over 1 month. Generally no medication is needed. But if you want, we recommend acetaminophen(not NSIADs)

•Generally, after 1 month, you and others perceive the effect. The volume of treatment areas gradually will be shrunk until 6 months. But keep in mind that there is a difference person by person, site by site

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