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이마, 눈썹, 눈꺼풀 리프팅 소개
eye bag bulging removal
    The best treatment for the lower eye bag bulging is surgery by experieinced doctor until now.
    But surgery is not done is JD clinic.

    Person who do not want surgery is candidate for needle RF(radiofrequency). Needle RF is the most powerful non-surgical technique. But the result and satisfaction rate are vary. Filler injection or thread insertion is not recommended
After insertion of needle, radiofrequency is emitted from the needle tip. Thermal energy of radifrequency lyse the lower eyelid fat. The lysed or dead fat cell are removed from the body with time. Skin and connective tissues of the lower eyelid are also rejuvenated.
2The Features of JD Clinic’s treatments
This is the local anesthesia only procedure.

JD Clinic doesn’t conduct whole body general anesthesia due to safety reasons, but local anesthesia is applied to keep the patient conscious during the procedure.

No surgical insertions.
Use of cannula needle will minimize bruising.ula needle, there leaves almost no bruises. (Needle is not applied.)
• Improvement of eye bag bulging
• Skin rejuvenation
4Procedure Detail
• design: 5 min
• local inection anesthesia: 10 min
• procedure: 30~40 min
gradual volume decrease through 6 months

• apply only moisturizing cream until scabs fall off (do not apply sunblock when there are scabs)
• after detachment of scabs, apply moisturizing cream and sunblock everyday
• avoid irritating cosmetics and non-prescription cream for about 1 month
• if you want to wash using soap while there are scabs, make enough bubbles with both hands, gently apply the bubble to your face. After washing out your face with water, remove the water gently with towel.
7Possible side effects
• swelling for about 1~7 days
• bruise for about 7~14 days
• scabs, if it occurs, for about 5~10 days
• hard nodules, if it occurs, for about 7~30 days
• mild erythema, if it occurs, 7~30 days
• postinflammatory hyperpigmentation,if it occurs, 1~2month
• gradual volume decrease through 6 months
• dryness and mild pruritis of the treatment area and resolve with time

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