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이마, 눈썹, 눈꺼풀 리프팅 소개
Forehead eyebrows lifting
    As an influence of ageing, forehead, eyebrows, upper eye lid cover will begin to sag in due course.

    To correct these symptoms, lifting on the upper end of the face is required.

Forehead is usually neglected in cosmetic evaluation as the area is covered by hair.

    For inner and outer eyebrows, and forehead vertical wrinkles, Botox is required. Also the lifting effect can be achieved by injecting fillers on the eyebrows.
Other than surgical procedures, the non-surgical options include Botox, fillers, thread lifting, and skin laser and ultraformer treatments can compliment these options.

Lifting is carried out using soluble thick threads with cogs (PDO ingredient) to achieve high-intensity lifting, wrinkles care and better elasticity.

Unlike the existing threads, cogs in thread is made out of molding for reinforced pulling and holding capacity.

The PDO (polydioxanone) based material will resolve after 6-8 months.

Forehead Botox can be implemented together for a better result.
2The Advantages of JD Clinic’s treatments
This is the local anesthesia only procedure.

JD Clinic doesn’t conduct whole body general anesthesia due to safety reasons, but local anesthesia is applied to keep the patient conscious during the procedure.

No surgical insertions.
Use of cannula needle will minimize bruising.ula needle, there leaves almost no bruises. (Needle is not applied.)
High-intensity lifting
Upper eye lid lifting
Eye brow lifting.
4Procedure Detail
Marking: 10-20 minutes

Anesthesia: 20 minutes

Procedure: 1-2 hours

Aftercare: 30 minutes
1. Bruises

Bruise will take around 2 weeks to disappear and the effect can be limited with injections and ointment. JD Clinic tries its best to limit bruises by taking a series of medical counter-measures, but the result varies individually.
The patients are recommended not to take aspirin and Omega 3, blood circulation accelerators and herbal medicine that might cause bleeding during the procedure a week before the treatment.

2. Swelling

Swelling is inevitable after the procedure and it normally lasts around 8-15 days.
It is influenced by the individuals but the effect can be limited with injections and ointment. JD Clinic tries its best to limit swelling by taking a series of medical counter-measures, but the result varies individually.
Cold pack, maintaining sitting position and keeping light activities are instrumental in dispelling swellings. 

3. Pain
Normally pain is felt immediately after the procedure as the effect of anesthesia subsides, but the pain will disappear gradually. There won’t be severe pain, but in case, Tyrenol (acetamophen) can help relieve pain. If severe pain persist, inform the clinic immediately.

4. Foreign body sensation
A feeling of thread twining inside of the body can persist for 2 weeks but it will dissipate gradually.

Bruises will disappear in 7 days, swellings two weeks.


No massage on the treatment area
Avoid eating hard and tough food, laughing hard, or rubbing face on the pillow.

No strenuous exercise for at least 4 weeks.

7Possible side effects

- Facial Asymmetry

- Under-correction or overcorrection

- If the inserted thread is visible, this is the result of the shallow insertion which need to be corrected immediately.

Flushing, small amount of bleeding, temporary loss of sensation might occur.

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