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지방 주입 리프팅 소개
Fat transfer
    Sorry, fat injection is not done any more in JD clinic due to various causes. But fat injcection may be one of the good options for volume replacement
1Temporary fillers
The injected fat can dissolve very quickly that it is difficult to predict cosmetic effect.
The treatment duration is long and it is comparatively expensive to other options.

A severe swelling is possible in the injection area as this can leave scars.
There is no standard technique for precise gat injection procedure yet
2 Semi-permanent and permanent filler
Fat injection (transplantation) is a necessary process of fat sampling and accompanied with fat absorption.
Fat will be removed on thigh, costalis, stomach as needed.
JD CLinic applies local anesthesia only.

The whole surgery takes around 5 hours, if all done manually.

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