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지방 주입 리프팅 소개
Fat transfer
    Sorry, fat injection is not done any more in JD clinic due to various causes. But fat injcection may be one of the good options for volume replacement
1advantages of fat transfer
• the duration of effect can be long-lasting or permanent
• liposuction and fat transfer can be performed at the same time
• no foreign body reaction
• autologous fat is not carcinogenic teratogenic
• enough volume that can be harvested
2 disadvantages of fat transfer
• unpredictability of the resorption of the grafted fat tissue
• unpredictability of the cosmetic results,
• unpredictability of the survival rate of transplanted fat
• liposuction from other body areas is needed
• long time of procedure
• relatively expensive
• severe swelling may be possible
• scars on the liposuction and injection site
• standardized refining and injection techniques are not established

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