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스킨 보톡스 소개
Skin Botox
Skin Botox treatments when appropriately when

I feel light on your face, Due to the variety of excellent effects such as feeling tense

There are many treatment consists of a frequency.
Procedure became very popular and is widely used.

Botox is widely accepted for effectiveness and safety that the use is continuously increasing.

The basic function of Botulinum toxin is weakening function of muscles and sweat glands.

When muscles are weakened, the wrinkles on the skin will shrink. This can be applied to shaping chin and calf as well.

Once sweat glands undergo suppression, sweat secretion will be reduced, and this can be used in the treatment of ephidrosis.

Skin Botox (Dermatoxin) is procedure in which Botox is injected intradermally, not in muscles, in about 1-2cm spacing.

Use of Botox for cosmetic enhancement
  • 1. Botox can be applied on jaw, calf and cucullaris.

  • 2. Sweat secretion reduction. 

  • It is called “ephidrosis botox” and “sweat botox”. It is used for improving conditions in armpits, palm, sole, face, scalp and etc.
Sweat secretion will be significantly reduced after the treatment.

  • 3. Botox is also used in enhancing elasticity, pore retraction and achieve luminous skin.

  • This procedure is called
“Skin Botox” or “Dermotoxin” and is usually applied on the facial area
1The Effects of Skin Botox

Pores reduction

Pimple treatment

Sebum reduction

Sweat secretion reduction

Wrinkle lifting

Improved facial flushing
2The Advantages of JD Clinic’s treatments
- Usually 50~80 units are used per treatment for full effect.

The areas around mouth are not injected to prevent awkward facial expression

The immediate effect of luminous and tightened skin can be achieved by treatment
3Procedures and duration
- Facial anesthesia: 30 minutes

- Treatment time: 1 hour.

- Treatment interval: 3-6 months

Time for recovery and interruption of daily routine
Return to a normal daily routine is possible immediately after the treatment.
Needle marks on face can be visible.

The possibility of occasional bruising.
To prevent side-effects, please do not lie down for 3-4 hours after the procedure.

Do not touch or put pressure on the treatment area.

No hot packs or sauna for 1-2 days.
No hard or tough food after square-jaw Botox treatment.

The remaining wrinkle parts can be straightened with filler treatment.
The possibility of difficulty opening eyes is possible after Botox for those who had surgical double eyelid procedure.

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