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체중 조절 - 약물 치료 - 흡수 억제제 & 기타소개
Absorption Inhibitor & Others
1Orlistat Preparations (Olliet, Xenical, Lippi down, etc.)
- Applicable to child obesity (older than 12).
- Inhibit 30% absorption of fat consumed.

Selective inhibition of lipse of pancreas.
- During the meal, or one hour before or after the meal.
- No use during pregnancy and lactation, and persons with pancreatitis and chronic absorption disorder.
-Side effects: problems with bowel movements (usually for less than 4 weeks)

If consumed with Psyllium, the absorption of fat will be mitigated.
2Metformin related medication (In case of BMI > 30)
– Currently being used as a diabetes medicine
- Decreased food consumption
- Increase consumption of energy.
- Decrease Insulinemia
3Satiety Inducing Agents
1. alginic acid etc.
1. Bang Poong Tong Sung San(herbal medicine)
- 18 natural bio ingredients
- Improves edema and constipation
- Used for anti-allergy, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation enhancement

2. Bangui Hwangui Tang soup (herbal medicine (asthmatic symptoms, etc.

3. The extract of Vitis, Vinifera’s dried leaves. (Seunello, etc.)
5α-Lipoic Acid, Thiotic Acid
– Presumed to serve as a mechanism to inhibit hypothalamic AMPK

- The experiments with rodents show the effect of appetite suppression and increased energy consumption.

- Side effects: heartburn, diarrhea, skin rash

- Can be used as medicine for complication of diabetes.
6Medications for preventing binge eating
1. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
- Can be used as anti-depressant as well as anti-anxiety remedy
- Prozak, Propin, Pocsetin, Puludox, Yunizak, etc
- Side effects: headaches, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, etc.

2. Topiramate
- Can also be Used as anti-epilepsy and mood stabilizer.
- It is considered to have effect on accelerating metabolisation and appetite suppression.
- Topa Mas, Topam, Topamate, Topamed, Toffee and etc.
- Side-effects: paranesthesia (numbness), metabolic acidosis, kidney stones and glaucoma

3. Bupropion: Anti-Depressants, Non-Smoking Aid

4. Zonisamide

5. SNRI (Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor)-Anti-Depressant
- Venlafaxine, ibensin

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