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CO2 프랙셔널 레이저 소개
CO2 fractional laser
The most up-to-date common laser treatment is the fractional laser type.

There are many factional laser equipment, but CO2 fractional laser remains to be the most effective and indispensable option.
If CO2 fractional laser treatment is applied properly, this will enable skin lifting, pigment removal, elasticity improvement and scar reconstruction.
The result of treatment varies depending on the individual skills of a doctor.
1The Effects

Scar and Pores reconstruction

Wrinkle reduction


Skin pigmentation removal
2Procedure Detail
Takes up to 100 minutes.

Facial anesthesia, 30 minutes;
treatment time, 30 minutes;
aftercare, 30 minutes

Treatment intervals
1-6 months

Time for recovery and interruption of daily routine
Scars and crusts will occur on the entire treatment area,
Crusts will fall off after 5-7 days.

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