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The reasons for worsening acne condition is affected by hormones, cosmetics and stress.

It is an ideal to target the cause, but this is very difficult to achieve in reality.

Pimples generally manifest due to the following reasons:
Increased secretion of sebum, Hyperkeratinization Colony formation of acne, inflammation reaction.

Acne treatment is to control the entire portion or majority of these four causes.

There are a number of treatment options.

In most cases, the PDT treatment is essential.

The early acne treatment is very important.

Acne scars, red and brown spots will influence the quality of life of an individual significantly.
1PDT (photodynamic therapy)
PDT treatment will reduce sebum secretion, restrain activities of pimples and inflammation. hyperkeratinization
Among these, pimples bacteria and secretion of sebum are two major reasons that cause acne. PDT will effectively restrain these two causes.
For inflammation and hyperkeratinization, the effect of PDT is limited but still valid.

The other effects of PDT include shrinking of pores, reduction of facial redness and improvement of skin texture.
JD Clinic will carry out 3 PDT treatments in a week interval so that this does not affect daily life of a patient.
Meticulous removal of sebum, proper selection of ingredients and treatment will influence the result of the surgery.
2Scarlet Laser
Scarlet is the operation that combines “MTS” which was used in the past and High Frequency laser, so strictly speaking, it is not a laser only treatment.

However, compared with MTS, Scarlet performs more effectively in a various depths. Scarlet is able to carry out high temperature derma treatment which other equipment cannot achieve. 

The Scarlet needles penetrate as deep as the sebaceous gland for high frequency energy injection resulting in shrinkage at sebum level to reduce acne.

It is not possible to ascertain that Scarlet is more effective than PDT: however, the combined Scarlet and PDT will offer a synergy effect.
Scarlet can improve pimple scab, pores minimization, whitening and skin elasticity. 

Although ointments and lesion injections are said to be effective in helping acne relief, the effects are generally limited. However, lesions injection are necessary to calm down acne developments.
3Antibiotics & Isotretinoin
Antibiotics is recommended to target pimple bacteria in some cases.

Since bacteria is a major reason for pimples, antibiotics can offer a quick relief.

Similar to PDT, Isotretinoin is able to deal with 4 major acne causes: however, due to the possibility of side effects, Isotretinoin is recommend only when other treatments do not work.
4Peeling & Extrusion
Peeling and extrusion are instrumental in preventing deterioration of pimples.

It is a basic option for pimple cure.
There are numerous methods that claimed to be effective in curing pimples.

However, resurfacing only cannot achieve improvement of conditions because pimple bacteria and sebum secretion are important causes for acne formation.

AHA, BHA, Gesner peeling are usually applied, and sometimes aqua peeling can be a good option as well.
5IPL & Laser etc.
These laser based treatments are not effective as PDT but these can be used to supplement

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