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Dry Skin- Lacking moisture in skin
Healthy skin usually hold 15-20% moisture in the keratin layer
If the moisture level reaches under 10%, this will result in dry, shineless skin with cracks in the keratin layer.
Dry environment
• Chemical elements in wash and other cleaning solution
• Excessive face washing and bathing
• ultraviolet
• Medical drug treatments with Letinoide or other related medication
• Ageing, eczema, psoriasis, atopy and chronic nenal failure

※ Three major elements causing dry skin
1. keratin cell
2. natural
3. keratin cell dis

※ The principle of dry skin treatment
• supplying sufficient level of moisture to the keratin layer
• Usual care information
• No excess bathing and shower
• Maintain a sufficient level of temperature and humidity in room
• No excess use of soap or cleaning solution
• Avoid wearing clothes with hard fabric
• Avoid excess body dirt cleaning
• Use moisturizer regularly
• Seek appropriate and proactive treatments in case of urtication and inflammation

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