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초음파 (울트라 포머) 소개
Ultrasonic waves
    The facial drooping is caused by a various reasons including are problems in skin, fat, SMAS layer, ligament, bone structure and so forth.
Ultraformer is developed to focus on the SMAS layer lifting.

    This is done by HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) that transmit heat to SMAS layer.
This effect is similar to shrinkage on plastic when heat is applied.

    Initially, the effect was limited to 4.5mm and 3.0mm depths. Recently, this is extended to 1.5mm of skin that ultraformer is now used for skin lifting as well.
Recently, this is applied to knee areas as well.
    In fact, the subcutaneous fat is removed in these areas, the patient will appear look more aged.
Moderate to high intensity lifting

Removal of voluminous wrinkles


Wrinkle improvement (Shallow wrinkles, deep wrinkles)

Elasticity enhancement

Subcutaneous fat removal for sag prevention
2The Advantages of JD Clinic’s treatments
JD Clinic only operates on parts with subcutaneous fat caused by ageing. (side jaw, face, splayed region, etc.)
The procedure is not carried out on the areas where subcutaneous fat loss is permanent. (Forehead, temple, canthus, etc.)
3Procedure detail
Duration: 30 minutes to1 hour

Interval: 6 Months (depends on the individual)

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