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백옥 주사 소개
Rijuran, PDRN
Intravenous injection of Glutathione
Whitening and anti-oxidation functions.
Suppress the generation of Melanin to limit pigmentations forming
Wide ranging detoxication (carbon monoxide, heavy metal, organic solvent etc.)
Preventing hair loss
Activation of in-body enzymes (SH enzyme, Ferrous oxide),
Functional sustainability of erythrocyte.
Prevention of obstruction by radiation (improve reduction of leucocyte)
Anti-allergy intervention to reduce reaction of organism acidification (Skin disease)
Improvement of liver function (Recovery from fatigue, alcoholic liver damage)
Improvement of diabetes (improvement of disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism), prevent the progress of cataract, promote treatment on cornea disease and retina supersession.
2Whitening effect
Interrupt the synthesis and aggregation of melanin
Better result with increased dosage.

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