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Needle RF
    Scarlet is the operation that combines “MTS” which was used in the past and High Frequency laser, so strictly speaking, it is not a laser only treatment.

    However, compared with MTS, Scarlet performs more effectively in various depths. Scarlet is able to carry out high temperature derma treatment which other equipment cannot achieve. 

    Scarlet reaches over 1mm under the deep tissue compared to CO2 fractional laser.
Scarlet can improve pimple scab, pores minimization, lifting and skin elasticity.

Pimples and Pores
The Scarlet needles penetrate as deep as the sebaceous gland for high frequency energy injection resulting in improvement of pimple scab, pores minimization, whitening and skin elasticity.
The combined Scarlet and will offer a synergy effect.

Also has effect on winkles, pores and scars.

Scarlet is particularly effect on deep tissue scars where as other laser treatment usually have effect on superficial skin areas.
2Treatment detail
Facial anesthesia, 30 minutes; treatment time, 40 minutes; aftercare, 40 minutes

Once every 1-6 months
The flushing will remain for about 5 hours after the procedure and this can last up to 2-3 days.

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