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Acne Scars
iLipo Ultra
Depressed Scar Treatment
1CO2 Fractional Laser
This will regenerate superficial skin deep scar.Since the crusts will form and stay for roughly 7 days, one should consider this fact when receiving treatment.
The higher intensity laser beam is recommended for better scar treatment. In this case, the treatment time will exceed 20 minutes, and requires about 30 minutes of cooling off after treatment care.
It is better to conduct CO2 fractional laser on the same day as Cross laser treatment as this will leave scab.
2Microneedle Radiofrequency (DeAge, Scarlet)
Microneedle Radiofrequency (DeAge, Scarlet)

Features and principal
Microneedle radiofrequency treatment works by precisely delivering radiofrequency energy to the lower layers of the dermis using microneedles. This treatments stimulate collagen production and reshape skin elastic fibers gradually and continuously, restoring skin firmness and tone. It is also used effectively for the treatment of moderate to severe inflammatory acne vulgaris. It is suggested that the mechanism of action is mainly a reduction of sebaceous gland activity and the promotion of dermal architecture remodeling by thermal stimulation.

• Acne (recommend combination treatment with PDT)
• Scars (burn, postoperation etc.)
• Striae
• Skin lifting
• Elasticity
• Fine wrinkle
• Whitening
• Enlarged pore
• Skin texture

Time of procedure
• Anesthetic cream 30 min
• Procedure 20~30 min
• Post care 30 min

• none~mild

Progress and possible side effects
• Hot flushing for about 3 hours after the procedure
• Edema for about 3 hours (mild)
• Desquamation for about 7 days (mild)
• Dryness at the procedure sites for about 1 month
• Pruritis(itching) for about 14 days (mild)
• Allergy
• Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
• Infection
• Contact dermatitis
• Folliculitis
• The complete effect is observed around 8-12 weeks after treatment

Cautions before the procedure
• Avoid the medications and creams that affect skin condition profoundly for at least 1 month, for example isotretinoin

Cautions after the procedure
• Cold massage after the procedure for about 2 days for the fast recovery
• Moisturizing cream and sunblock
• Avoid rubbing the treatment area excessively for about 7 days
• Avoid irritating cosmetics and non-prescription cream for about 1 month
• In case of suspected infection or allergy, contact the clinic
3Cross (chemical reconstruction of skin scars) Treatment
CROSS(Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars)

Application of TCA to the skin causes precipitation of proteins and coagulative necrosis of cells in the epidermis and necrosis of collagen in the papillary to upper reticular dermis. Dermal collagen remodeling after chemical peel may continue for several months. There are reorganization in dermal structural elements and an increase in dermal volume as a result of an increase in collagen content, glycosaminoglycan, and elastin.

• Enlarged pore
• Depressed scar(acne, postoperation, chicken pox, etc.)

• Anesthesia: 30 min • Procedure :10~60min

• mild~moderate

No. of treatments
• Generally 3~6 courses

• 1~3moths

Progress and possible complications
• scabs for about 5~10 days
• mild erythema (if it occurs, 2–8 weeks)
• postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (if it occurs, 1~2month)
• focal skin infections (mild pustular eruptions)
• gradual increase in dermal volume through 6 months
• dryness and mild pruritis of face and resolve with time

Cautions after procedure
• apply only moisturizing cream until scabs fall off (do not apply sunblock when there are scabs)
• after detachment of scabs, apply moisturizing cream and sunblock everyday
• if you want to apply whitening material on the face or take oral medication, consult a doctor
• avoid irritating cosmetics and non-prescription cream for about 1 month
• if you want to wash using soap while there are scabs, make enough bubbles with both hands, gently apply the bubble to your face. After washing out your face with water, remove the water gently with towel.

• Final result
About 6 month after final procedure
This treatment cuts off fibrous tissue which connects deep tissue scars.

Stem cell culture, DNA Injection and others (MTS, filler, Punch surgeries etc.) are used for the procedures.
5Process and intervals
The treatments takes 1.5-2 hours.
Requires 4 weeks or more interval

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