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Hyaluronoc acid filler
    The basic and primary principles of face lifting and face line improvement are volume corrections, in other words, volume filling and volume reduction where are needed. Between the two, generally volume reduction is first procedure rather than volume replacement. After volume reduction, volume replacement is done using fat or hyaluronic acid fillers.

    The areas that need volume reduction are lateral cheek fat, nasolabial fat, inferior jowl fat, double chin fat, below ear fat. And the areas that need volume replacement are forehead, glabella, temple, below lateral cheek, nose, lips, etc.

    Permanent subcutaneous fat volume reduction using lipodestrucion method(not liposuction) make smaller, better good looking face and smoother face line especially in Asians. After sufficient fat removal, some people do not need volume replacement and if needed, ‘small’ volume replacement is enough. In conclusion, the people who want volume replacement using filler or fat injection need volume reduction using lipodestruction method first in the majority of cases
1The features of JD Clinic’s Procedure
• Cannula
we use various types of cannulas rather than needle generally because of safety and prevention of treatment marks (bruise, swelling). But in some cases, needle usage is inevitable.

• Long time procedures
we take long time during procedure due to safety, prevention of side effects, treatment marks and delicate correction.

• Abundant experiences and studies
The final effects of filler injections and satisfaction of patients mainly depends on the skill of doctors. Dr. Park has 10 years of experiences, very high satisfaction rates.

• Good products
We use proven product, for example, Amalian and Juviderm etc. Proven products mean that show least side effects (for example, immediate and delayed allergic reactions) and have longer duration of effect than other products. And please keep in mind that the results depend on the skill of doctors, not products itself.

• Hyaluronic acid fillers
We use only hyaluronic acid fillers and do not use new products until sufficient evidences cannot verify them.

• Local anesthesia with sitting position
We use local anesthesia with sittting position, not sleep anesthesia. Communication between doctor and patients is possible, so delicate and accurate results are possible.
2Sites of injection
Hyaluronic acid is polysaccharide that naturally exists and play a role as the structural component in all mammals.
Hyaluronic acid’s chemical structure is friendly to mammals that the effect of immune reaction is very small.

The brands consist of: Restylane, Teosial, Ggel, Eveareu,
There is no potential problems with filler use.
There are two types: Acrylamide gel (polyacrylamide gel, Lakes –aqua filler, Roya midfield, etc.), and Polyalkylphenylene the polyimide gel (polyalkylimide gel – Bio Alka mid, Peopom etc.)

The effect lasts about 1-2 years and it is easy to correct if side effects occurs in the early stage.

However, there is a possibility of granuloma and the long term stability has yet been established.

JD Clinic does not use this products.
4Progress and possible side effects
The product brand include Artecoll and Artfill and the main ingredient of these products are polymethylmeghacrylate.
The effect lasts over three years and is mainly used for facial enhancement.

Has an FDA approval but, 21% of the patients reported granuloma.

JD Clinic does not use this products.

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