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    The basic principles of lifting treatments are reinforcing the required areas with fillers or fat, and eliminating fat where it is too much. If filler is used to where there is not enough volume can cause unnatural appearance.

    Filler is a procedure to reinforce volume to wrinkles and dent by injecting a foreign object. In principal, fat injection and breast silicone implants can be classified as fillers as well.
1The features of JD Clinic’s Procedure
JD Clinic uses catenular needle instead of normal surgery needle to minimize swelling, bruise and other side effects.

JD Clinic only uses proven product to maximize duration, while avoiding the possibility of allergy.
2Temporary filler

Hyaluronic acid is polysaccharide that naturally exists and play a role as the structural component in all mammals.
Hyaluronic acid’s chemical structure is friendly to mammals that the effect of immune reaction is very small.

The brands consist of: Restylane, Teosial, Ggel, Eveareu,
There is no potential problems with filler use.
3Pros and cons for Semi-permanent filler

There are two types: Acrylamide gel (polyacrylamide gel, Lakes –aqua filler, Roya midfield, etc.), and Polyalkylphenylene the polyimide gel (polyalkylimide gel – Bio Alka mid, Peopom etc.)

The effect lasts about 1-2 years and it is easy to correct if side effects occurs in the early stage.

However, there is a possibility of granuloma and the long term stability has yet been established.

JD Clinic does not use this procedure.
4Pros and cons of Permanent filler

The product brand include Artecoll and Artfill and the main ingredient of these products are polymethylmeghacrylate.
The effect lasts over three years and is mainly used for facial enhancement.

Has an FDA approval but, 21% of the patients reported granuloma.

JD Clinic does not use this procedure.

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