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블루 로즈 (민트) 리프팅 소개
Absorbable thread lifting
    Sorry, thread lifting is not done any more in JD clinic We concluded that thread lifting have too many shortcomings and low cost effectiveness.

    Instead of thread lifting, the facial fat destuction techniques and hyaluronic acid filler injections is basic and primary treatment. Patients who want facial thread lifting can expect more natural and long lasting effects throuth this techniques.
1Features of Blue Rose lifting
Blue Rose lifting is carried out using soluble thick threads with cogs (PDO ingredient) to achieve high-intensity lifting, wrinkles care and better elasticity.

Unlike the existing threads, cogs in Blue Rose thread is made out of molding for reinforced pulling and holding capacity. The PDO (polydioxanone) based material will resolve after 6-8 months.
2The Advantages of JD Clinic’s treatments
This is the local anesthesia only procedure.

JD Clinic doesn’t conduct whole body general anesthesia due to safety reasons, but local anesthesia is applied to keep the patient conscious during the procedure.
No surgical insertions.

Use of cannula needle will minimize bruising.
High-intensity Lifting for anti-wrinkle (Splayed wrinkles, Mouth wrinkles) effect and high-Elasticity
4Procedure Detail
Marking: 10 minutes

Anesthesia: 20 minutes

Procedure: 1-2 hours

Procedure intervals:1-2 years

Duration: 90-120 minutes.

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