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울트라 V 리프팅 소개
HIFU (1.5mm)
Fat removal is the first and primary step for face lifting. Fat removal or volume reduction itself where are needed induce noticeable lifting effect. Theoretically, both volume reduction and volume supplementation are needed for better lifting effect. Of the two, volume reduction is done first.

Fat destruction technique for volume reduction done in JD clinic induce permanent effect. The sites of procedure are lateral cheek fat, nasolabial fat, inferior jowl fat, double chin fat, fat below ear. Contrary to the worreis that get droopy after fat destruction technique, lifting effect occurs after fat removal. Fat removal on the same area may be needed more than 2 times for high satisfaction.

Some people need only volume reduction, but the others may need volume supplementation using filler or fat also for higher satisfaction rate. But keep in mind that enouth volume reduction is most important
1Lifting Effect
The thin soluble thread used for ultra V lifting is not applied alone for high intensity lifting which is usually done with Blue Rose thread, but a light to medium level improvement is possible.

To achieve filler effect, an excessive amount of thin thread can be used in the same area to achieve volume

This is possible by the collagen remodelling effects.

Wrinkles (shallow wrinkles, deep wrinkles)
The improvement is possible if a varying approach for thread insertion is carried out
2Procedure detail
Surface anesthesia: 30 minutes,
Procedure: 30minutes.
Procedure intervals: 1-2 years (depends on the individual)

Swelling and bruises are possible.
Swelling will disappear in 7 days, bruises in two weeks.

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