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울트라 V 리프팅 소개
Ultra V Lifting
Ultra V lifting is a procedure to insert a human hair like soluble thread (PDO ingredient) under skin.

There are many kinds of materials in the market including the TR line.
However, it is difficult to maintain satisfactory level of lifting effect as well as sufficient length of effect with this kind of material.

In order to achieve conspicuous difference, it is necessary to use thick threads with cogs (e.g. Blue Rose, Omega etc.)

However, this kind of simple slim thread can still achieve whitening, addition of elasticity and improvement of wrinkles if used properly.
1Lifting Effect
The thin soluble thread used for ultra V lifting is not applied alone for high intensity lifting which is usually done with Blue Rose thread, but a light to medium level improvement is possible.

To achieve filler effect, an excessive amount of thin thread can be used in the same area to achieve volume

This is possible by the collagen remodelling effects.

Wrinkles (shallow wrinkles, deep wrinkles)
The improvement is possible if a varying approach for thread insertion is carried out
2Procedure detail
Surface anesthesia: 30 minutes,

Procedure: 30minutes.

Procedure intervals:
 1-2 years (depends on the individual)

Swelling and bruises are possible.

Swelling will disappear in 7 days, bruises in two weeks.

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