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The individual skin conditions differ, therefore, each pigmentation is different as well. Some can be treated easily, some can recur quickly.
The treatments of scars and pores are important, but whitening offers the best result in improving one’s appearance.
This requires setting up a proper treatments options based on the laser and optical instruments.

The nature and formation of pigmentations and a proper selection of instruments and after-care will influence the result significantly.
1Skin Pigmentation Removal
- The treatments based on The causes and symptoms.
Red and brown pigment (Spots)
2Dark Circle
Dark Circle is not a proper medical terminology, but is an expression of a symptom caused by a various causes.

The symptoms of dark circles include chromatosis and prominent veins beneath the eyes and dark spot formation due to protruding fat under eyes.

The reasons for skin pigmentation forming under eyes are many, and these the so-called “dark circle” symptoms are treated with Nd-Yang and other laser equipment.

Dark circle from the under eye protruding fat and veins are treated with fillers.

3Treatment process
- Superficial pigmentations

CO2 laser, IPL, CO2 fractional laser
Surface beautification 30 minutes, procedure 40 minutes, after care 40 minutes.

One month between procedure.

- Deep tissue pigmentation
Takes longer than 30 minutes for the procedure and 40 minutes for after care.

7 days to one month between treatments
Laser Treatments

1CO2 laser
-CO2 laser
- Could be used to remove pigmentation on superficial skin.
The superficial skin pigmentations include black spot, freckles, and others.

CO2 laser enables removal of superficial skin pigmentations individually in entirety, this procedure is crucial for the successful treatment.

- It is difficult to target individual pigmentation with IPL
- Generally, IPL is done simultaneously with CO2 laser and CO2 fractional laser to achieve best result.

- Even a single combined treatment can make conspicuous improvement.
2Nd-Yag laser

- It is used for the elimination of deep tissue pigmentations.

The types of pigmentation include birth marks to all kinds of colored spots.

Nd-Yag Laser is also used for toning and other procedure such as removal of pigmentations on arms and legs.
Usually, 3 treatments are required for a satisfactory outcome.

The skin pigmentation is widely spread both on the superficial and deep tissue skin areas that the treatment is usually carried out to address problems in both.
The possibility of side-effects intensifies when trying to achieve a satisfactory condition in deep tissue pigmentation with single procedure.
IPL is used for the treatment of superficial skin pigmentations.

IPL can also be applied to protruding vessel removal, surface pigmentation removal, epilation and whitening.

IPL has effect against dark-colored pigmentations, but not the light-colored ones.

IPL can remove most of dark-colored surface pigmentations in single treatment, but if used on the high energy level setting, there is risk of skin burn.

4CO2 Fractional Laser
CO2 fractional laser is used for the treatment of superficial skin pigmentations.

Whereas CO2 laser removed pigmentations piecemeal, CO2 fractional laser does this on the whole surface of face.
CO2 factional laser is used simultaneously with CO2 laser to achieve an optimal result.

- Even a single combined treatment can make conspicuous improvement.
This procedure will leave scabs and crusts for up to 7 days.
5Laser toning and Spectra toning
These are applied to remove deep tissue pigmentation.

Laser toning or spectra toning alone has limits in removing deep tissue pigmentation, therefore it is advised to use these with other methods of treatments.
6Other Treatments
- Scarlet RF Fractional

- DNA(PDRN) injection

- Ion migration, electricity migration, stem cell culture, and whitening solution application
- The Ion migration treatment delivers Vitamin C to skin by electricity flow.
- The whitening effect is almost immediate with this procedure.

The methods of delivering whitening solutions include electricity, ultrasonic, skin perforation and others.
The whitening solutions include Vitamin C, Albutin and others.

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