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Welcome to JD Clinic Myeong-Dong.

I pledge to undertake researches to enable accurate diagnosis and effective treatments of my patients. I offer a personalized treatment options to address the individual needs and condition of my patients based on the proven medical procedures.

I will strive to understand and shre emotional and physical challenges that my patients face as a part of my endeavor to develop medical procedures to enhance the long-term quality of life of my patients.

I promise to be always on my patients side and offer my best during the treatment.
Thank you.

Byung-Kwon Park
The Head Doctor

• Graduated, Korea University Medical School

• Specialist
• Member, Korea Doctors’ Association for Obesity Research
• Member, Korea Academy of Aesthetics Medicine
• Member, Korea Society of Aesthetic Surgery
• Member, Korea Association for Medical Laser Research
• Member, The Korean Hair Research Society

• Member, Korean College of Neuropsychopharmacology

6th Floor, Koryo Building
86 Myeongdong 2-Ga Jung-Gu, Seoul

68 Namdaemun-Ro
Jung-Gu, Seoul (postal code 04535)

  Fax: 02-6677-8666
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