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Pore & elasticity
The reasons for pore expansion are numerous, but this is cause mostly due to the excess sedum secretion and loss of skin elasticity,

For the treatment of excess sedum secretion, PDT is most effective in terms of cost, satisfaction and duration.
Almost every laser instrument has a level of effectiveness in treating skin elasticity, whitening, wrinkle and lifting.

important thing is to achieve a highly satisfactory level after the procedure. For this, CO2 type and Scarlet Needle RF are efficient among many other options.
1Treatment Details


Takes 1 hour 40 minutes.

CO2 Fractional laser and Scarlet Needle RF
- Once every 3 months
- Takes 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours


- No anesthesia, takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Skin Botox

- Surface anesthesia 30 minutes
Takes 20-30 minutes
Treatment - Increase in sedum secretion
Only PDT can guarantee a long term sedum secretion reduction with no side-effect at the moment.

Diversified PDT surgery brings different outcomes.

Scarlet Needle RF before PDT can increase the effect of the PDT treatment.
The Lack of skin elasticity
1CO2 Fractional Laser
CO2 fractional laser usually offers a high level of satisfaction if applied to address individual needs of the patient.
The highest possible energy should be used for the improvement of pores, elasticity, wrinkles, skin texture within the tolerance level.

Under the intensified treatment condition, the procedure will take 20+ minutes and after care over 30 minutes.
The penetration depth of CO2 fraction laser is 1mm, so in order to make improvement in deep tissue area, Scarlet Needle RF is recommended as an additional measure.

Scarlet reaches over 1mm under the deep tissue compared to CO2 fractional laser.
Scarlet is the operation that combines “MTS” which was used in the past and High Frequency laser, so strictly speaking, it is not a laser only treatment.

However, compared with MTS, Scarlet performs more effectively in various depths. Scarlet is able to carry out high temperature derma treatment which other equipment cannot achieve. 

The Scarlet needles penetrate as deep as the sebaceous gland for high frequency energy injection resulting in improvement of pimple scab, pores minimization, whitening and skin elasticity.
The combined Scarlet and PDT will offer a synergy effect.
3Cross (Dot-filling) Treatment
This procedure targets each individual pore to maximize effect of skin regeneration since CO2 fractional laser and Scarlet Needle RF cannot be used for such a high level of targeted treatment.

It is better to conduct CO2 fractional laser on the same day as Cross (Dot-filling) laser treatment as this will leave scab.
4Skin Botox (Botulinum Toxin)
The basic function of Botulinum toxin is weakening function of muscles and sweat glands.

Skin Botox (Dermatoxin) is a procedure in which Botox is injected intradermally, not in muscles.

The Effects of Skin Botox include
Pores reduction

Pimple treatment
Sebum reduction

Sweat secretion reduction

Wrinkle lifting

Improved facial flushing

The immediate tightening and shining effect will take place after the procedure and wrinkles and pores will disappear in 15-30 days.
Usually 50 units are used per treatment for full effect.
5Ultraformer (HIFU)
Ultraformer leaves no damage on the skin by utilizing ultrasonic effect for lifting, improving skin elasticity, pore minimizing and etc.
The procedures with be carried out in a various depths: 4.5mm, 3mm, 1.5mm.

With proper intensity and techniques, the effect of treatment is almost immediate.
6Other Treatments
Most procedures using laser, high-frequency, ultrasonic instruments have effect on achieving resilient skin elasticity and minimize pores.
Therefore, it is important to determine which equipment is best for the required procedures as well as the
technique of the doctor. The effect of laser treatments of the sedum over-secretion is limited and temporary.

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