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Why subcutaneous fat on face and neck should be eliminated?
  • Aesthetic Enhancement Pperspective.
  • The V line or any line shape that the patient desires will become visible after the treatment.

    The line shape of jaw can also be seen from side, the angle between jaw and neck can also be adjusted to the ideal angle that the patient wishes after the treatment.
  • The elimination and prevention of the impression of gaining weight.
  • Even if in the case of a slight weight gain, the subcutaneous fat around jaw also projects a trend of gaining weight.
    Some types of people are born to be more subcutaneously developed.

    an illusion of gaining weight can trigger over-stress. Through eliminating fat around jaw it will create a slim sensation that it is instrumental in mitigating stress in daily life.
  • Eliminating and preventing the impression of ageing.
  • Double chin will become more visible with ageing. By eliminating the subcutaneous fat in this area, one can expect a natural young look.
The Types of Surgery and Advantages and Disadvantages

※ Even 1 ~ 2 mm difference will lead to a visual difference, so careful attention is necessary when selecting surgery types.

1Fat Destrruction Techniques
Destroys fat cells using [Canteula] needle for the permanent result.

With JD Clinic's own unique surgery techniques, the patient can expect no scaring even without suture. The possibility of leaving skin sags and crates is almost zero.

The fat reduction with [Catenula] needle takes a long time to process.
For the patient who is afraid of a surgical process but hope for the best possible effect, the combined HIFU(high frequency focused ultrasound: Ultraformer) and LL(Lipolysis) injection technique is an excellent alternative.

The face will be swollen for 1-2 weeks after the fat destruction surgery.
2Frozen Fat Reduction Techniques (Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting).
The frozen fat reduction technique is aimed at eliminating subcutaneous fat permanently with specialized instruments such as Geltiq and Clatuu360. The effect is permanent but this cannot be applied to face and neck.

Frozen fat Reduction Techniques.
* The duration of procedure is over 60 minutes for the maximum effect.
*JD Clinic has developed its own special technique to avoid skin frostbite.
*JD operates 6 machines so that even a whole body Coolsculpting takes 2 hours.
* The head doctor will conduct the whole procedure from marking to application and operation of Coolsculpting equipment.
* Shower facilities are readily available in the premises.
* The gel pads used for the procedure is not recycled.
3Local Lipisuction
The result of most of the facial liposuction surgery is satisfactory. However, compared with PPC injection, the effect on some of the more delicate areas can vary.

JD Clinic doesn’t conduct whole body general anesthesia due to safety reasons, but local anesthesia is applied to keep the patient conscious during the procedure.
Also in order to reduce post-surgical sags and crates, the procedure will be carried out manually. The procedure will take longer than other procedures.
4LL(Lipolysis) injection (including HPL and other fat reduction injections)
The mixture for LL injection was developed by JD Clinic’s own formula based on the clinic’s years of experience. The injections will be administered three times in seven day interval.
The formula for facial LL injections and injections on other parts are different. The difference between LL injection and PPC injection is not significant. For those who fear surgery while hoping to acquire the best possible effect, the combined HIFU (Ultraformer) and LL injection can be a good option.
The effect and side-effects of HPL and other fat reduction techniques will vary depending on the types of procedures.
5Techniques like carboxytherapy, low level laser, ultrasound high-frequency wave, low-frequency wave, general ultrasonic surgery
Techniques like carboxytherapy, low level laser, ultrasound high-frequency wave, low-frequency wave, general ultrasonic surgery can hardly create permanent fat elimination effect alone.

However, the frozen fat reduction (Coolsculpting) can make it permanent result when combined with other therapies.
6yaluronic acid filler injection and fat-injection
There are two ways to replenish dimished facial fat, hyaluronic acid filler injection and fat-injection. Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

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